Using Dog Car Hammocks For Long Drive With Pets

A dog car hammock is actually used as a dog car accessory that comes in use to take a dog out for a long drive. You need to push car breaks while driving, the car jerks on the way and if a proper measure is not taken, the small buddy can fall from the seat any time.

The hammocks actually work like a security belt for the dogs that keep it intact at the place and help it enjoy the pleasure of car riding, without any accident. If you have already used dog car seat cover, you can easily recognize the hammock because the purposes of using these accessories are almost the same.

Pet Car Hammock For A Perfect Trip

You can prepare a dog car hammock personally to gift your pet this Christmas and can learn here how to do the job. Take materials that are easy to wash because pets will make it dirty naturally during the trip. Canvas or denim is better than polyester because it gets loose faster. Take proper measurement of the back seat of the car and cut the material accordingly to get the right shape. Then stitch the four squares properly adding six extra inches to the material’s width. Fold the rounded corners to give the dog car seat cover a better shape.

Cleaning The Seat Cover

Cleaning a polyester dog car ramp or seat cover is easy, but if you use canvas or denim seat covers, you have to be extra cautious. First, you have to dip the covers in water for one hour to water clean the debris. Then have to use mild detergent to wash the canvas covers. You can use the same detergent that are used to clean cushions and soft toys because the hard detergent will roughen the cover. Don’t use brush or scrubbers to wash the covers because it harms the natural feeling of the covers. Dry in sunlight for a daylong and iron it before using further.

Sale Price:£23.99
Product Summary:

Double-layer waterproof car pet mat
Double-layer oxford cloth
Light green prints
Size 140 * 150 * 55cm
Adjustable belt tightening

Length: 140 cm
Width: 150 cm
High: 55 cm
Package weight: 1090 g
Package size: 35*26.5*5.5 cm

Package Included:
1 x pet seat cover

Make sure the dog nail is short enough

Sale Price:£7.96
Brand:Fifth Gear
Product Summary:This rear seat and boot protector is extremely durable, the PVC coated oxford fabric is waterproof, protecting your upholstery for years if looked after with c are. They are designed to protect your upholstery or boot from muddy paws, dog hair, walking boots, fishing gear of even the rubbish that you take for recycling. They are available with four securing straps, they are fastened around the headrest posts, the two additional straps if fitted can be used in the back seat to create a hammock, to stop your pet falling into the foot well, by secure th additional straps to the front seat head rest posts. There is a zip in the centre of one edge; this allows the cover to be divided if you have a rear seat passenger and your trusty friend with you. These are also available in different colours under a separate listing. Search for B00HYZ0XLA

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