Dog Seat Covers For Cars To Protect Your Car Seats From Getting Soiled

Many people have the habit of traveling along with their pet dog in their cars.

While going for a long drive with your dog, you need to keep a check on the seats of your car, so that your dog does not soil them.

Even in many cases, the seats also tend to get dirty with the mud from the paws of your pet.

Dog seat covers for cars come as a savior in this respect.

Fast And Easy To Install

These covers are readily available in the market and are very easy to install on the seats of your car. Many of them are also washable, which helps them in reusing. The covers generally come with a layer of plastic or a rubber sheath that helps in preventing any liquid or watery substance to reach the foam of your car’s seat. The dog car seat cover is also made of strong fibers that prevent from getting torn by the scratches made by your pet dog.

The seat covers along with the dog car ramp will certainly prove beneficial to take care of your pet and help in maintaining cleanliness of the car. The seat covers are also made of absorbent materials, so that it absorbs the waste of your pet dog and keeps the surface dry. This will also help your pet to remain dry; otherwise, it may catch cold while sitting on the wet seat for long.

Different Materials

Apart from being waterproof in nature, these seat covers for dogs are also available in fine textured surfaces that would provide comfort to your pet. Many covers are also padded with sponge to give extra support of cushion to make your dog feel more comfortable while sitting on it.

Since dogs are very alert in nature, they might tend to be overexcited while traveling in cars. Therefore, extra soft dog seat covers for cars might help your pet to remain calm inside your car, and allow it to feel the comfort of your home even inside the moving car.

Dog Seat Covers For Car
 Sale PriceBrandProduct Summary 

Heavy Duty Water Resistant Car Rear Seat Protector Pet Cover

741 Reviews
£5.91TooltimeThis Heavy Duty Water Resistant Rear Seat Protector is ideal for protecting your upholstery and keeping your seats like new. Made from durable water resistant fabric it will give years of protection. It will protect your back seat from muddy paws, dog hair (wet & dry) and pet smells and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. Designed to be a universal fit, this rear seat protector will fit most saloons, estates, MPVs and 4x4s. It has easy adjustable straps which fasten securely to front and rear headrests and also features a zip that allows you to divide the cover if there is also a passenger in the rear seat.

AmazonBasics Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Pets

94 Reviews

Me & My Pet Car Rear Seat Protector Cover

504 Reviews
£8.95Me & My Petsin progress

Homdox Waterproof Non-slip Padded Dog Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs Cozy Pet Seat Cover

55 Reviews
Homdox dog seat covers for cars
Material: Oxford Fabric and Sponge
Color: Black
Item: Back Seat Cover
Feature: Waterproof, Non Slip
Whole Size: L148 x W136cm/ 57.72 x 53.04 inch
Fit Seat Size: 48cm/ 18.72 inch
Fit Backrest Size: 55cm/ 21.45 inch
Pattern: Plaid
Position: Car Rear Back Seat
Waterproof material, inside with PP cotton padded for comfort, suit for car rear back seat cover.
The back of cover with plastic mesh, it can very good prevent cover slip.
Each cover with 4pcs adjustable headrest straps fasten securely to front and rear headrests, easy to install.
Large size with additional side shields that protect the sides of the rear seat.
Trifold design, perfect for your seat and protect the sides of the rear seat.
Easy to remove and clean (it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge).
This cover fits any size vehicle with headrests.
Ideal for protecting your upholstery and keeping your seats like new. (Protects seat from dirt, pet hair, claw marks)
Package content: 1 x Dog Car Seat Cover

Get to know us:
We created Homdox with a single goal in mind: to start with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction. After all, we're customers too.

Amzdeal Washable Waterproof Double Layer Dog Car Seat Hammock Cover Mat Blanket (Green,140*150*55mm)

56 Reviews

Double-layer waterproof car pet mat
Double-layer oxford cloth
Light green prints
Size 140 * 150 * 55cm
Adjustable belt tightening

Length: 140 cm
Width: 150 cm
High: 55 cm
Package weight: 1090 g
Package size: 35*26.5*5.5 cm

Package Included:
1 x pet seat cover

Make sure the dog nail is short enough

Waterproof Protective Rear Car Seat Dog / Pet Cover (Heavy Duty Hammock Style)

202 Reviews
£7.96Fifth GearThis rear seat and boot protector is extremely durable, the PVC coated oxford fabric is waterproof, protecting your upholstery for years if looked after with c are. They are designed to protect your upholstery or boot from muddy paws, dog hair, walking boots, fishing gear of even the rubbish that you take for recycling. They are available with four securing straps, they are fastened around the headrest posts, the two additional straps if fitted can be used in the back seat to create a hammock, to stop your pet falling into the foot well, by secure th additional straps to the front seat head rest posts. There is a zip in the centre of one edge; this allows the cover to be divided if you have a rear seat passenger and your trusty friend with you. These are also available in different colours under a separate listing. Search for B00HYZ0XLA

Protective Rear Car Seat Cover For Pets

286 Reviews
£5.48Maximhis hammock protects upholstery and prevents your dog from jumping up front and causing an accident. This uniquely designed hammock attaches to the vehicle's front and rear headrests creating a barrier between the front seat and the back seat. This is a safe way to keep your pooch off the floor, off the front console, and out of your lap in order to prevent accidents. Great for larger dogs, the hammock seat cover adjusts to fit most vehicles including cars, extended cab trucks, mini-vans. For easy cleaning of hair, dirt and dander, just shake out or brush off the Back Seat Hammock Cover. Great Black Backseat Car Cover/Protector to prevent any pet (not limited to dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, hamster, etc) from scratching your car seats!

Fifth Gear Waterproof Protective Rear Auto Car Seat Dog Pet Cover

197 Reviews
£7.89Fifth Gear

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