Get A Telescoping Pet Ramp For Convenience of Your Pet Dog

A ramp can be described as an inclined plane that helps in descending from a higher level with ease.

Telescoping Pet Ramp will be certainly the best choice for you while deciding to buy one for the convenience of your pet dog.

The ramp will prove to be useful in helping your dog enter or get out of your car much easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the right telescoping dog car ramp for your personal needs!

Protect Your “Best Friend” From Getting Hurt

Pets are also living creatures and can even get hurt (like human beings), in case they are slightly distracted. Jumping within a definite space while entering or getting out of the car is a risky issue. Your pet dog might get accidentally hurt by the edges of the doors of your car or by the edge of the footboard. The Dog Car Ramp will serve its purpose in such cases, to protect your pet from getting hurt for no reason.

The telescopic nature of such ramps allows easy packing of the device and you can easily carry it with you to any place. Even the ramps are made of light yet sturdy material like hard plastic; or aluminum and plastic, which give much strength to withstand the weight of your pet. The surface of the ramps is also designed to avoid skidding over it. Many dog ramps for cars even have a layer of light rubber over the walking surface, to make it anti-slippery. This helps your pet to walk over the ramps without the chance of skidding and hurting themselves.

Fold  Into Several Parts

The telescopic pet ramp can also be folded or slide into several parts. This provides flexibility in adjusting the length of the ramp according to necessity. You can fold or slide the ramp to decrease its size while carrying it to distant places; and even increase the length in case situation arises. Thus, it provides an option through which you can adjust the ramp with the height from which your pet has to climb down or climbs up, by using the ramp.

Sale Price:£77.99
Product Summary:

SOLVIT - Deluxe Telescoping Ramp

Aluminum & Plastic construction combines to make the lightest and strongest ramp on the market.

Telescoping design is more versatile and easier to use than folding ramps

Weighs under 13 lbs, so it's easy to use and carry.

Holds over 400 lbs. With no bending!

Adjusts from 39"-72"

Innovative walking surface has gentle "wave" to improve pets' traction.

Easy carry handle

  • 39-72" X 17" X 4"

Sale Price:£119.99
Product Summary:PLEASE note this ramp is large and heavy. Check dimensions carefully before ordering and that the item will fit in your car.

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